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Energy Globe Ambassadors and
Special Representatives

We proudly present the Ambassadors and Special Representatives of the ENERGY GLOBE Foundation, representing the ENERGY GLOBE Award worldwide.

ENERGY GLOBE Ambassadors are committed persons who support our global efforts in order to create sustainable awareness on behalf of a more meaningful future for our children. They promote the ENERGY GLOBE and help to acquire sustainable projects from their countries.


Afra Hamid


Organization: CNERIB
Position: Professor / Director
"My personal mission is energy efficiency in building engineering!"


Ana María Trabucco Nolasco


Organization: Ciudadanía Solidaria
Position: President
"Becoming aware of oneself and the world around us by participating in building attitudes and personal and social skills of sustainable quality, focused on the lives of all beings."


Dr. Eduard Chil-Akopyan


Organization: "Armenian Water and Sewerage" CJSC
Position: Project Manager
"To be useful for the society , to bring own contribution to improving the life of the people and support in creating peaceful, decent and healthy environment in the World for our children!"


Syed Rahman


Organization: ChangeMaker - Society for Social and Economic Development
Position: Chief Executive Officer
"To improve the social, economic, cultural and human development of the marginalized people specially the women and children in a sustainable way through developing their knowledge, capacity and access to services to address the challenges of today and tomorrow."

Iffat Rafique Arisa

Special Representative

Organization: University of Cambridge, UK
Position: PhD candidate
"I am willing to contribute to make the earth pollution free, energy efficient and green."


Roland de Vicq


Organization: Sol Suffit NGO (vzw)
Position: Advisor & Developer: SolarCooker Eco3 & SuniCook
“Use innovative skills in Energy Solidarity for a better life on earth”


Josea Sagbo Dossou-Bodjrenou


Organization: Nature Tropicale ONG
Position: President
"My mission is to contribute to sustainable management of nature for a better life on earth through information, education, conservation, sustainable use of biological diversity and the promotion of renewable energy."


José Luis Monroy Cuellar


Organization: Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Instituto de Hidráulica e Hidrología
Position: Docente - Investigador
“I have the vision of Bolivia with significant development of renewable energies as an alternative solution to the problem of lack of energy mainly in poor rural areas. My mission is to assist in the development of small hydropower in the country.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Miroslav Tešić


Organization: TURBINA IPD
Position: CEO
"I believe it is possible that every person produces enough energy for his needs. Our commitment and goal is to develop new technologies that will provide it and to teach people to conserve energy."


Katlego Duke Mothibi

Special Representative

Organization: The Duke of Africa™ Foundation®-Center for applied research and advocacy
Position: Founder/Founding partner
"My aim is to encourage extensive engagements of the youth stakeholders in civic engagements and socio- economic developments. To accelerate and achieve the set objectives to address 21st century challenges while encouraging all stakeholders (the governmental, non-governmental to public and private organizations). • Revised National Youth Policy 2010-2016 of Botswana, • United Nations millennium goals (MDGs-and Post 2015 agendas), • to the African Youth Decade Action Plan (2009-2018) and sustainably contributing to expected outcomes through my think tank.


Jörgdieter Anhalt


Organization: IDER-Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Energias Renováveis
Position: Financial and Technical Director
"The aim of my work as ambassador will be to spread out the basic ideas of the Energy Globe mission in Brazil for the conservation of our planet. My specific concern is related to the utilization of renewable energies for productive use in small-scale farming and application of sustainable, environmental clean solutions, which assist the most poor in Brazil."

Burkina Faso

Vincent Nikièma


Organization: SOS Energie of Burkina Faso (SOSEB)
Position: President
"Being an actor in the promotion of renewable energy in Burkina Faso. Contribute to environmental protection by providing a sustainable solution."


Jean-Yves Gatete


Organization: Burundian Youth for Peacebuilding and Young Refugees Integration
Position: Chairman
"I wish to work in a dynamic environment where one can excel by utilizing his potential by harmonizing the theoretical knowledge with practical experience of the professional life."


Anthony Nzoge


Organization: Philanthropic Organisation for Development Cooperation (PHODEC)
Position: Executive Director
"I would like to promote sustainable use of natural resources and constantly improve what is essential to human life by mastering science and technology."

Ntiokam Divine

Special Representative

Organization: Plant-for-the-Planet
Position: Program Coordinator
"I have as personal and main vision to enhance the UN MDGs , sustainable development for a sustainable peace and a sustainable future we want."


Grant Belau


Organization: Invest Green Inc.
Position: President
"I hope I can do a good job finding interesting projects that could apply and qualify for the Energy Globe Award."


Fernando Nilo


Organization: recycla chile & Recyclapolis foundation
Position: CEO
"The world needs to make a big change for a Green Economy creating Green Jobs. The environment protection is a must that any citizen or corporation should consider in any act or activity."


Daishan Huo


Organization: Huaihe Guardian
Position: Founder and President
"The world's most beautiful, the holy soul of kindness is like water in a broad, clean water, and I would like to be to help people who need help in the world. To create ecological paradise of beautiful, sustainable development."


Humberto Mazuera


Organization: Funcacion En Torno
Position: Director
"The universe and living beings that inhabit our planet are energy, we must try to raise awareness in our descendants through a systemic sustainable management for energy conservation, production and maintenance in the future...."

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Sam Lelo Nsakala


Organization: Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives Communautaires (APICOM)
Position: Secrétaire Général
"I will continue my mission, that is to work with the people in urban and rural areas for the protection of our environment in our territory through conferences, discussions and awareness building."

Costa Rica

Prof. Shyam Sunder Nandwani


Organization: Universidad Nacional
Position: Retired Professor
"I want to be Carbon Neutral at my house and office and you. I want to see more people using solar cookers for benefit of their and planet health. Do not spare time to get bored. Do not just do your work rather enjoy your work."

Douglas F. Williamson

Special Representative

Organization: Earth Charter International, based in Costa Rica
Position: Communications
“My mission is to help people live better, safer, healthier, more satisfied lives while at the same time helping them to become stewards of the Earth, living peacefully with all other people and species for all time.”


Tina Opalic


Organization: North West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA)
Position: Assistant Managing Director
"Development of any kind is about facing the challenge. The challenge in which we are all together, willing to risk the unusual, willing to take the path less travelled by."


Prof. Dr. José Fernando Martirena Hernandez


Organization: Center of Research and Development of Materials and Structures, CIDEM
Position: -
"We can no longer wait to start tackling Climate Change! The focus should be placed on enabling poor countries/societies to reach development. Science and the academy should play a crucial role in this process."


Rosie Charalambous


Organization: Cans For Kids
Position: Founder and Vice President
"I want to see every citizen take responsibility for their impact on the planet and make the informed choices that will ensure sustainability and a bright outlook for future generations."


MSc. Peder Vejsig Pedersen


Organization: Cenergia Energy Consultants
Position: Director
"Solar energy is the most valuable renewable energy source we have. Let the 21. Century become the Solar Age."

Dominican Republic

Lisa Ballantine


Organization: Filterpure Inc.
Position: Executive Director
"My hope is that my life would touch the community where I live in a way that improves their lives and the generation to follow."


Debesai Ghebrehiwet


Organization: Dahab Tesfamicael Mogogo and solar appliances liminted company
Position: Manager
"I have a dream to extend my innovations to the needy people around the world. I am aware of global warming and I have to do something positive to heal our world for the coming generation."


Mesay Tadese Abebe

Special Representative

Organization: Resilience Ethiopia
Position: Director
"I will grow stronger with each accomplishment, and even stronger with each setback. I want to continuously promote and foster a cooperative environment wherever I go."

Zekarias Daniel Kidane

Special Representative

Organization: Serve Ethiopia Development Association
Position: Founder (Fund Rising and Promotion Head)
"I will work on ensuring better and sustainable environment for successful livelihood establishment."

Gambia, The

Madiba Sillah


Organization: Global Unification The Gambia
Position: Networking &Partnership Coordinator
"I take the protection of our natural bounties as a moral responsibility of all sensible human beings for I believe the environment harbours the spinal cord of organic existence, which needs to be responsibly treated and have it un-fractured for succeeding generations."


Grigol Abramia


Organization: International Center for Environmental Research
Position: Director
"Our world is wonderful. We need to live in peace and harmony with natural environment."


Daniel Kofi Essien

Special Representative

Position: Global Network Member-Ghana
"My vision/mission is to support United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All 2014-2024 and also Ghana’s quest to reach the target of 10% renewable energy in the national energy generation by 2020 from the current 0.01 percent."


Konstantinos Zapounidis, PhD, MSc


Organization: Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A. – O.L.A.
Position: Senior Project Manager
"Energy efficiency should become an everyday perspective in every house and enterprise, no matter the level of implementation. What seems little at individual level, added could lead to important energy efficiency at community level. Everyone should understand that has to “Save to be safe”."


Abdoul Khalighi Diallo


Organization: ONG AGEDD (Association Guineenne d’Eveil au Developpement Durable)
Position: Program Manager
“I have the vision for rural communities to be skilled enough to sustain their natural resources, improve their livelihoods and lead their own societies with –dynamic- respect of their own value, that of their children and of the environment.”


Carline Seide-Murphy


Organization: Haitian Community Development Project (HCDP)
Position: President
"I envision a world where future generations will be more aware and sensitive to the way the environment is treated, as I have seen the impact of a mistreated environment on the world. For this reason I support and will contribute my effort to bring this awareness and sensitivity to every corner of the world. I believe in this effort and it brings me great joy to be among those who share this vision."


Sebastian Africano


Organization: Trees, Water & People
Position: International Director
“We have too much in common to not be working together on global issues like energy poverty and climate change. Now is our unique opportunity to champion renewable sources of power and sustainable business models to create a new energy future for the planet.”


Dr. Bhaskar Sen Gupta, OBE


Organization: Queen’s University Belfast
Position: Reader in Environmental Engineering
"We need to create a future generation who would care for the environment through education and training."


Dr. Ahmad Agus Setiawan


Organization: Department of Engineering Physics, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Position: -
"Bring life and benefits to others, especially to those who are considered not as fortunate as we are; bring science and technology for realizing sustainable development to our country."

Joni Jupesta, PhD

Special Representative

Organization: Sinar Mas Agro Resource and Technology (SMART)
Position: Advisor to President Director
"Transforming the Knowledge into Sustainability Action!"


Mohammad Hassan Emami


Organization: Iranian Society for Green Management
Position: Chairman
"Disregarding which economic, social and ideological devices, methods and approaches people choose for managing their society, the factor which may start cooperation and dialogue is the 'Environment'. 'Environment' has the power to bring humans close together."

Mahdi Alijani

Special Representative

Organization: New Ideas
Position: Managing Director
"There is no limitation for energy consumption in this world, if we consume them in the right ways. In fact, accessing to the renewable energies and consuming non-renewable ones more efficient is the only way for human beings to achieve peace and comfort in their lives."


Khalid Majeed


Organization: UOT - University of Technology
Position: Lecturer
"People 'over-produce' pollution because they are not paying for the costs of dealing with it."


Seamus Hoyne


Organization: Limerick Institute of Technology, Tipperary School
Position: Head of Department
"I am convinced of the need for all sectors of society to challenge the current norms so that we create a world which is sustainable for all and considers all needs (social, economic and environmental) in a holistic and person focused manner."


Elad Orian


Organization: Comet-ME
Position: General Manager
"My mission is to effectively implement and use environmental technologies to solve (or mitigate) structural environmental injustice and to empower communities."


Dr. Fabio Tomasi


Organization: AREA Science Park
Position: Head of International Project Department
"What a single person can do is a drop. 7 billions of drops make an ocean. Everyone should learn that his future and the future of his children depends on his choices."


Aki Suwa, PhD


Organization: United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Studies
Position: Research Fellow
"The world should look for safe-fail energy (as renewables), rather than fail-safe energy. Also energy security should be re-defined as not just securing energy, but as securing safe energy."


Nickson Otieno


Organization: World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD)
Position: President
"To be an influential architect designing life-changing social programs and sustainable built environments. To undertake postgraduate research and teaching in eco-design. "

Korea, South

Mooyoung Han


Organization: Seoul National University
Position: Professor
“My vision is to promote worldwide rain cities, which understand the importance of rainwater and make regulations to collect rainwater onsite instead of draining it.”


Andy Schroeter


Organization: Sunlabob Renewable Energy, Ltd
Position: Chief Executive Officer
"I believe that responsible, long-term oriented entrepreneurship is the driving force for sustainable economic development and for providing managerial, technical and financial resources needed to meet social and environmental challenges."


Dina Berzina


Organization: University of Latvia
Position: Researcher
"Everybody of us can do just a little: change light bulbs form old-fashion to new economic ones, switch off electrical devices instead of putting them stand-by, isolate flat from heat emissions, prevent water leakage from tap, take a tram instead of car, use fabric bag instead of plastic one, etc. When our small individual efforts would be joined the outcome will be a great-great result: cleaner, safer, environmentally friendlier world."


Dr. Molibeli Taele


Organization: National University of Lesotho
Position: Senior Lecturer in Applied Physics and Electronics
"Modern life depends upon secure and affordable energy, generated safely and used wisely. Burning carbon-intensive fossil fuels can no longer be the basis of our society’s quality of life."


Michaela Hogenboom


Organization: Symbiose Community and Symbiose Consulting
Position: Co-Founder/President, Founder/Sustainability Consultant
“My mission is to foster a connected and sustainable society in Liechtenstein and beyond.”


René Witry


Organization: witry&witry architecture urbanisme
Position: CEO
“Sustainable development considers the three columns ecology, economy and society. My purpose consists in the constant research of integrated solutions that merge these three aspects to a strong and future-compliant overall concept.”

Ursula Witry

Special Representative

Organization: witry&witry architecture urbanisme
Position: CEO
“In terms of cradle-to-cradle, acting responsibly means to respect the eternal cycle of arising and passing away in the daily behavior.“


Makedonka Dimitrova, PhD, c.


Organization: University American College Skopje
Position: Assistant Proffesor
"Let’s try to do more with less! This will enable better environment for the present without jeopardizing the wellbeing of generations to come."


Hastings Phiri

Special Representative

Organization: Msazi Community Organisation
Position: Director
"To promote energy efficiency."


Vagish Ramborun

Special Representative

Organization: Sustainable Agricultural Organisation
Position: President
"To promote sustainable agriculture among the youth community"


Dr. Martín Mundo-Molina


Organization: Research Center of Engineering Faculty Chiapas Autonomous University
Position: Researcher and Full Professor
"Develop research in hydraulics sciences and hydrology sciences in order to use water efficiency. Develop, adapt and transfer technologies in order to use water efficiency and environment conservation."

Micronesia, Federated States of

Maria Grazia Fanelli Stephens


Organization: Micronesia Eco Corp.
Position: Project Manager
"Our children have the right to see the world in its beautiful natural colors and with all its wonderful creatures!"


Mihail Poleacov


Organization: Vortex Windpower Laboratory Moldavian Union of Inventors & Rationalizers
Position: CEO
"The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits."


Badarch Mendbayar


Organization: Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium
Position: -
"It’s challenging putting together combination of all people of the world for their smart life through protection of nature and sustainable use its resources and environment friendly development ."


Dr. El Mostafa Jamea

Special Representative

Organization: MENA Renewables and Sustainability - MENARES
Position: Senior researcher and consultant
"My personal mission is to contribute efforts in deployments of green technologies across the MENA regions and achieve sustainable inclusive development."

Myanmar, Union of

Salinee Tavaranan


Organization: Border Green Energy Team (BGET)
Position: Director
"To encourage one another, to have dreams and make them come true, to love and help one another, to give and share not just to take. There is only one world for all of us and we live in it together."


Promod Tandan


Organization: none
Position: -
"Renewable energy is the future of the energy. Sooner or later we have to shift in it, so better sooner we shift towards it before it become too late."

Anjan Adhikari

Special Representative

Organization: Community Development and Research Centre
Position: Treasurer
"If you want to keep earth safe for next generation: lets put hands together for judicial and effective use fuel energy and encourage renewable one."


Maria Mercedes Alvarez Valle


Organization: Solar Projects Foundation for Nicaraguan Women (FUPROSOMUNIC)
Position: General Coordinator and Founder
"My personal vision is that if women in impoverished countries such as Nicaragua have opportunities and resources, we can make substantial changes in protection of our environment and in improved quality of life. My organization, FUPROSMUNIC, works in a collaborative manner to make this vision a reality."


Moussa Dogo Ali


Organization: GVD-Afrique
Position: Environmentalist specialised on waste management and waste recovery
"Giving to the world the convenient direction to development."


Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu


Organization: The Smallholders Foundation
Position: Executive Director
"My personal vision and mission is to use radio the most pervasive , flexible and effective means of mass communication available in rural Nigeria to communicate biodiversity conservation, enrich the knowledge of rural poor and uneducated small farmers. This educational radio programs will lead to field practical demonstrations."


Akhtar Zuberi


Organization: Karachi Industrial Research Group
Position: Founder & General Secretary
“Renewable energy can help at large to provide the basic necessities to the millions of deprived inhabitants. Even little contribution in this sector must be appreciated.”

Qasir Rafiq

Special Representative

Organization: International Youth Council of Pakistan
Position: President
“We, the Youth of this World, are changing agents so join hands together and make a difference.”

Zulfiqar Ali

Special Representative

Organization: ABC4ALL
Position: Mentor
"My personal vision is to see my Country and our Globe free from Hunger & Poverty. And mainly to see our Children be properly Nourished and Educated."

Javed Ali Kalhoro

Special Representative

Organization: RESPECT Social Welfare Association Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
Position: Vice President
"To save our environment for us and future generations. "

Palestine, State of

Rajeh Abbas


Organization: none
Position: Environmental Expert
"Everyone on this planet can take action to make change towards sustainable environment and safeguarded resources....I myself will do the best and join forces.with the community to promote this action."


Miroslava Moran


Organization: CATHALAC
Position: Natural Resource Management
"Find patterns that make societies more just, equitable and happy."


Miguel Hadzich


Organization: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Position: Coordinator GRUPO – Grupo de Apoyo al Sector Rural
"Improve quality of life of poor families using appropriate sustainable technologies that only use natural renewable resources."


Jose Noel Olano


Organization: Philippine Agrarian Reform Foundation for National Development Inc. (PARFUND Inc.)
Position: Executive Director
"The time has come for every person in this world to contribute to the preservation and conservation of our planet in whatever way possible. No effort is too small. Our collective efforts will make the difference."


Ana Rita Antunes


Organization: Quercus – Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza
Position: Coordinator of Energy and Climate change Group
"Demonstrate how small changes and simple decisions can make a huge difference in building a positive future for the planet. Life quality and development can be achieved by looking to a new green way of living."

Puerto Rico

Angel Ruben Torres-Valcárcel


Organization: COSUAM de Puerto Rico
Position: Founder / Member / Program Director
“Use my knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm to protect the environment and contribute to society’s quality of life, peace, harmony and prosperity.”


Lavinia Andrei


Organization: Foundation TERRA Mileniul III
Position: President
"We can have a better life if we live in harmony with the nature, we can live better and healthier using clean energy and technologies. We can learn more and work better if we share our knowhow and expertise. I sincerely believe that Energy Globe is a great opportunity to build a strong community that will motivate and inspire people all over the world, to initiate projects and practices for sustainable development and environmental protection."


Dr. Alexander Temeev


Organization: Applied Technologies Company Ltd
Position: Director
"To work at the nature cognition and creation of environmentally compatible means for the life betterment so that along with spiritual perfection all these will eventually bring the mankind to the intelligent existence."

Serbia, Republic of

Milenko Milinković


Organization: Milinković Company
Position: President
"Search for technological and financial solutions for the optimal use of solar energy is not a matter of choice but of survival of humanity."

Sierra Leone

Steven Trent


Organization: Environmental Justice Foundation
Position: Executive Director
"The protection and effective conservation of our common natural heritage such that it is able to provide a safe and secure environment for all."

Patrick Baimba

Special Representative

Organization: African Centre for Peace Building – Sierra Leone Chapter
Position: Country Director
"To bring inspiration, encourage, love and help one another, motivation and transformation to humanity. To make life easier, safer and more significant for all people. There is only one world for all of us. To make life easier, safer and more significant for all humanity."


Prof. Nada Pavšer


Organization: Sobivanje, društvo za trajnostni razvoj
Position: First National Coordinator and founder of Ecoschools in Slovenia, President of Coexsistence Society for Sustainable Development
"As an Ambassador I would like to promote relevant topics which can be chosen based on the local ecosystems of the local areas of each organisation, enterprises and of each school, since Slovenia is a very rich country with many different habitats, and projects orientations depend on the rich and diverse nature."

Solomon Islands

Lawrence Nodua


Organization: OceansWatch Solomon Islands
Position: -
"I’m devoted working with my community on all actions to protect our environment for our future generation. Today our environment has been under threat and there no more time to waste than to stand up and act to realize our commitment in ensuring we protect our future."


Aweis Nor Abokar


Organization: Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN)
Position: Program Manager
“My vision is peace, stability and development in my country and my mission to spend my whole time, how we can develop our youth of Somalia.”

South Africa

Desmond D'Sa


Organization: South Durban Community Environmental Alliance
Position: Office Coordinator
"To ensure that government policies and practices lead to a move away from fossil fuel and dirty energy. That we see that an increase shift to renewerable energy is placed at the forefront in South Africa and the world."

Sri Lanka

Thusitha Ranasinghe


Organization: Maximus Pvt Ltd
Position: CEO
"To live a useful and productive life and be able to pass away with the knowledge that I have contributed positively for the sustainable benefit of life on earth."


Dr. Salah Awadel-Karim


Organization: Sanata Technologies Inc.
Position: Director
"It is quite a challenge to maintain a global balanced ecological system for a better future. However, with cooperation, transparency and openness we can secure a clean air, water and green energy through innovative, viable, sustainable and environmentally benign projects."


Nurali Rashidi

Special Representative

Organization: Changamoto Youth Development Organization
Position: Chairperson
"Making the world to be a special and safe place for human being to live in by protecting the world’s environment from pollution so that we can maintain its purity and nature and hence entertain a better life making style of all human being."

Charles Mafaru

Special Representative

Organization: Changamoto Youth Development Organization
Position: General Secretary
"Our children is our generation, the good health and strength of our generation depends on environment, so the world as whole should stand on preserving and conserving our environment for future generation."

Stuart Heddi

Special Representative

Position: Executive Director
"Join the race to make the world a better place - it can be done!"


Salinee Tavaranan


Organization: Border Green Energy Team (BGET)
Position: Director
"To encourage one another, to have dreams and make them come true, to love and help one another, to give and share not just to take. There is only one world for all of us and we live in it together."


Kokougan Samuel A. Apaloo


Organization: IIFEG Ecole Entreprise: University Entrepreneurship Institute
Position: Founder and Managing Director
"The issues of youth unemployment in the world and the degradation of the environment in Africa in general and particularly in Togo, are so alarming that something must be done before it’s too late. And my colleagues and I, we are very dedicated to face the challenge."


Muren Guler

Special Representative

Organization: Skypower
Position: Regional Manager - Southeastern Europe
"Promote renewable energy globally!"


Chary Muradov


Organization: National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna (NIDFF)
Position: Head of Department
"My missions are the promotion of Energy Globe in Turkmenistan, to look for projects and initiatives focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies, resource conservation, etc."


Dianah Nnakayima


Organization: African Power Initiative
Position: Project Co-ordinator
"To bring inspiration, motivation and transformation to humanity. To make life easier, safer and more significant for all people."

United Kingdom

Emeka Efe Osaji


Organization: The Science Council and The Society for the Environment (SocEnv)
Position: Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)
"One of my personal visions/missions is to help ensure fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal Number 7, which is to Ensure Environmental Sustainability."


Fabio Baudo Goyret, MBA


Organization: Alfasolar SRL
Position: Senior Engineer Advisor
"My personal mission is to be an active agent in the promotion and application on green energies in Uruguay. My vision is that in the coming years more industries and homes will apply renewable energy to satisfy their needs."


Burton Danet


Organization: A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Legacy
Position: Founder
"As a rejuvenated facilitator, I have dedicated my extended lifespan to bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to anyone alive receptive to cooperate with the A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Legacy. Collaboration and cooperation are being established in order to implement the Legacy of ABC4All."


Dr. Shuhrat Muradov


Organization: Karshi Engineering-Economic Institute
Position: Chair, Department of Ecology
"As educator, researcher and mentor, my mission is to educate people, particularly young generation of students and researchers, about the importance of ecology, water and energy and responsibility in contributing to preserve our planet every day."


David Stein


Organization: VANREPA / Green Power
Position: Team Leader
"I would like to see a world where everyone has access to clean energy, and I work toward this goal everyday."


Tuan Duong Nguyen


Organization: Back-Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy (BK-IDSE)
Position: -
"My vision is to make Vietnam a greener country and become a key player in renewable energy. My mission is to inspire Vietnamese youth to dream big and reunite to realize that dream."


Jonas Kunda


Organization: Green Initiative Zambia
Position: Chief Executive Officer
“I would like to assist communities and institutions in Zambia to take keen interest and be part of the holistic/sustainable management and protection of natural resources as well are improving livelihoods bearing in mind that the world has enough for every man’s needs BUT not enough for every man’s greed.”

John Birchall

Special Representative

Organization: ICE, University of Cambridge
Position: Tutor in Development Studies
"I want to encourage new, innovative and cost-effective ways of allowing the people of Zambia and especially the younger members of the population to apply their minds to finding new solutions to familiar problems."


Lasten Mika


Organization: Practical Action
Position: Programme Team Leader
"My personal vision is to see total energy access for the poor in Zimbabwe by 2030. It is my duty to ensure that the issues of energy access for the poor are brought to the forefront."
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