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Einreicher: Beat Kaempfen, office for architecture
Umsetzungsland: Switzerland
Titel: Von den fünfziger Jahren auf Null Energiebilanz

In the future, architects will have to be able of dealing with the potential of existing architectural objects as well as resources and materials. The renovation of this six-family house in Zürich-Höngg demonstrates this task impressingly.
In this dwelling the addition of an attic increases spaces to rent and impresses with adapting the qualities of a half-century-old building to the standard of today and can thereof be called a showpiece of its kind.
A combination of high insulated pre-fabricated wooden elements and enlarged south windows, together with a ground source heat pump, tubular collectors for warm water and integrated photovoltaic solar roof panels make the building independent from external heat sources. As the old building represents a typical dwelling unit built in Switzerland in thousands in the postwar years, the message from this showpiece is not to be overseen or overheard, and must be our aim to the future.

Kategorie: Fire