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National Energy Globe Award Azerbaijan (overall winner)

Einreicher: National Center of Environmental Forecasting
Umsetzungsland: Azerbaijan
Titel: Gründung des "Green House" - Ökologisches Ausbildungs-Center

In connection with transition to new system of the Ecological policy introduced by the European Community and United Nations pertaining management of natural resources without ecological and economic risks and their consequences it is rather important to change thinking of state officials, peasants, farmers and businessmen as well of all public about ecological-and-economic safety and assurance of Power independence and safety.
As it is known, periodic, mostly during dark time of day, power supply interruptions in villages of arid zone of Azerbaijan including Adygun of the Saatly region, where live more than 4500 families of Meskhetian Turks, often lead to damage of electric equipment and other property of peasants and short-circuits in overhead electric lines lead to ignitions, sometimes with lethal outcomes.
In consideration of above stated, to develop knowledge in field of ecological and economic risks management and liquidation of power starvation among countrymen, especially in communities of Meskhetian Turks, they need to familiarize in detail with existing renewable energy technologies for solving essential problems mentioned above. Therefore creation of the “Green House” Demonstration and Ecological Education Center has a special urgency.

Kategorie: Earth