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National Energy Globe Award Costa Rica (overall winner)

Einreicher: Asociación para la promoción de Ecoclubes en Costa Rica
Umsetzungsland: Costa Rica

The ECOCLUBES start in Argentine halfway through 1992 by means of the build of which called to him " Movilizadores groups " of the high schools that it had a share of the " plain of productive use of solid remainders residents ", impeled for the faculty of agrarian sciences of the national university of rosary (Argentine) and of an organization called foundation of the south these groups of youthes carried out in his communities the SENSIBILIZACION of the population in order that separated the remainders in his marry and the town councils and pick up to treat them correctly by means of the recycling of the inorganic remainders as paper, glaze and plastic, and the treatment of the organic thing in plant special to transform them in bouching for organic (“compost”). Little by little these groups of childrens and young began to consolidate their organization and free to him of the educational instituteses to form an organization more autonomous and work more jointly with the town councils and other instituteses of areas as health, environment, youth, etcetera.

Kategorie: Water