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National Energy Globe Award Slovakia (overall winner)

Einreicher: BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities
Umsetzungsland: Slovakia
Titel: In der Slowakei ist Biomasse eine “coole” Brennstoffoption

PPost-communist countries such Slovakiahave historically always depended on 95% of foreign, non-renewable energy sources, mainly of Russian origin. Ladislas Zidek, a graduate in human genetics from Commenius University in Bratislava, wanted to bring about a change in his country. He is a father of four, who lives with his extended family, and has set out to fulfil a dream: Creating a wood pellet market in Slovakia and strengthening awareness for sustainability. As a first step, in 1999, he founded BIOMASA, an association that consists of 25 non-profit organisations (municipalities, associations, schools, and health centres). During the past 15 years Zidek has turned BIOMASA into a flagship organization that has changed the thinking and operation of wood and wood processing companies. Over the years a market for biofuels emerged that can compete with fossil fuels and big foreign players. At the same, Ladislav Zidek is conserving the environment for future generations.
Zidek’s major inspiration came from fact-finding missions to Austria and Denmark 20 years ago and dedicated to the use of biomass. Zidek understood that renewable energy sources were a big opportunity forSlovakia’s economy. His major challenges were increasing the effective use of residuals as biomass to create a new and sustainable life in Slovakia. BIOMASA became a “missionary” involving all possible parts of society. In the last twelve years, thousands of school children have participated in competitions, seminars, excursions, summer biomass camps, pellet production units and other similar facilities. Teachers, mayors, school directors, homes for battered women, orphanages, entrepreneurs, hospitals for drug addicts and gamblers, schools for services, kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools and universities were invited to change their thinking.
“Save lives for everyone”, is Zidek’s motto, which he not only preaches but lives every day. With his enthusiastic and professional team he achieved outstanding results: Today ever more municipalities use pellets for heating, and 60 per cent of the production is in the Zilina/Trencin region. Results: In the Zilina/Trencin region, the use of biomass is 12 times greater compared to the rest of Slovakia’s regions or the Czech/Polish border regions. Also,BIOMASA owns and operates 44 boiler rooms in public buildings, and is currently building 20 more. BIOMASA helps reduce 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. It has created about 100 permanent full-time jobs and contributes considerably to increased regional development. BIOMASA has strengthened local economies by contracting a number of local companies. It helps to expand business and support services for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Total project costs, including expenses for participants in reconstruction and energy efficiency measures, have reached more than 20 million euro. Grants and subsidies totaled up to only 5 million euros. Today the annual turnover of BIOMASA is 4 million euros.

  • Ziel: Schaffung eines wettbewerbsfähigen Biomasse-Marktes in der Slowakei
  • Gründung des BIOMASA Verbandes
  • Jahresumsatz: 4 Mio Euro, 100 neue Vollzeitarbeitsplätze
  • Markanter Umstieg von fossilen Energien auf Biomasse
  • 20.000 Tonnen CO2 Emissionen pro Jahr weniger

“Live and let live.”


Kategorie: Youth