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Einreicher: NEKA thermal power plant
Umsetzungsland: India
Titel: Umsetzung von einigen Änderungen für die Erhöhung der Kapazität der Blow-Down Drainage Recycling-System für Abhitzekessel in NEKA Kombikraftwerk

Neka combined cycle power plant includes two gas turbine units ( type V94.2 )with nominal capacity 137/5 MW and one steam turbine unit (Siemens) with nominal capacity 160 MW and four 440 MW steam turbine from  BBC (Brown Bovery company) is located in beside the Caspian Sea coast . Due to insufficient capacity of drainage recycling system that already installed for recycling of continuous and periodic drain from  HP and LP drums , amount of14/4m3/h water was continuously going to waste channel. For this reason some modification designed and executed for prevent the loss of water.

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