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Einreicher: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Umsetzungsland: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Titel: Produktion von grünem Kompost aus kommunalen Bäume

One of the fundamental problems of municipal parks and jungles is the collection and transmission of pruned branches and lops to out of the jungle or parks and their elimination. Remaining of pruned branches beside the creation of hurdle in parks and jungle maintenance also is a suitable and safe place for insects and rats also is a good host for disease generator factors. As everyone knows
  Consumption of chemical fertilizers in agriculture causes lots of environmental problems which finally change the chemical characteristics of soil. For example :
Irregular use of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers improve the cadmium level of soil, which change the physical characteristics of soil.
Considering the extension of greenery plantation and practical problems of chemical fertilizers, production of the organic fertilizer has not developed as fast as it had to be, therefore some substitutable ways has suggested, like recycling of nutrient element in lops.

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