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Einreicher: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Umsetzungsland: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Titel: Management von Krankenhausabfällen für kleine Gesundheitszentren

In zero phase of this project, collection, and transportation of hospital waste for small healthy centers discussed and inspected, according to rules and regulation of Iran and World Health Organization.
In 1 year more than 100 small healthy centers has been visited and along with collection of their hospital wastes, the best visiting times, time consumption on collection, average quantity of collected waste in different months of year, has gathered and the maximum quantity of hospital waste for each centers  defined. After analyzing all data the healthy centers has categorized in 4 groups.
1. Individual clinics
2. Medical Laboratories
3. Public clinics
4 .special clinics
In developing phase of the project, considering the data of zero phase, collecting of hospital waste execute in the most suitable ways according to standard levels and existence infrastructures.
By operating this project about 300 tons of infected waste has controlled and managed in healthy centers and has illuminated the contaminations made by improper transportation and its mixture by other waste. Segregation of these wastes from other municipal waste will improve the hygiene level of compost made by household waste.

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