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Einreicher: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Umsetzungsland: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Titel: Asphalt-Recycling-Projekt

The waste created by constructional and developmental activities, are one of the serious problems of huge cities.
Improper management of these waste cause lots of hygiene problems and also badly effect the landscape and view of suburb.
The rate of constructional waste is 4 time more than municipal waste in Iran, therefore management of these waste is one of the most important priorities of each city, because proper management of these waste along with providing a better living environment will also cause in improvement of municipal construction activities.
Recycling of these wastes is one of the best ways to efface and wipe out them without burying.
This way will also add in to its economical worth.
One of the materials in this waste which has a high capability of recycling is Asphalt.
Asphalt recycling project of Mashhad has exploited in 2010 and its capacity is 500 tons per day.

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