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Einreicher: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Umsetzungsland: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Titel: Reifen-Recycling-Fabrik

One of the municipal wastes problems is containing some waste resulted of industrialization.
One of these wastes is old and worn tires.  The vehicle’s tires will bury when it is worn out. But due to its late breaking down, it remains in landfills for so many years, which will contaminate the soil and ruin the view .if we burn them it will pollutant the air with fog and toxic gases.  The most suitable way for its management is recycling.
There are 2 ways to recycle the tires after separation of its wires and threats.
1. Production of granulated powder for tires
2.  Production of materials fit for fuel out of polymer  
 10.6 tons of tier’s wastes are creating in Mashhad on daily basis which has a good potential to be used as the raw material for recycling industry. Therefore recycling organization of Mashhad decided to establish a tiers recycling unit in 2009 and after signing the agreement the project exploited in 2010.

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