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Einreicher: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Umsetzungsland: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Titel: Bau einer Biogasanlage

After burying the waste in landfills, fermentation process in organic materials of waste will happen due to special non aerobic environment. The result of these process is gas production, gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur gas, and nitrogen gas. Methane is the biggest portion of created gas in landfills which contain 50 to 60 % of gases produce in landfills.
Therefore the project of bio gas plant construction in Mashhad landfill started on 2007.
Detailed description of project:
In study phase of project which started on 2004 and continued till 2005, all aspects of project has studied, such as: volume of produced gas from landfills, excavation of study wells, gas collection system, and designing of power generation system.
 Place allocation for power plant, its economical analysis, and getting the permission to sell out the generated electricity, etc. happened in 2005 to 2006.
In the year 2007 the execution operation of project including: gas acquisition system, purchasing and installation of plant’s equipments started. And the project exploited in 2009.
 A network of 1500 meter for gas collection and transfer from landfill
Pressure strengthening and purification station with capacity of 660 cubic meters per hour
2 bio gas and generators with capacity of 660 kilowatt per hour
Equipment to burn the extra gas with capacity of 600 cubic meters per hour
A system to eject the power in to nationwide power network and its evaluation
This project can acquire 400 cubic meters gas from the landfill per hour and generate 600 kilowatts electricity per hour.

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