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Einreicher: Nishant Bioenergy (P) Limited
Umsetzungsland: India
Titel: Klimaneutraler Kochherd

Nishant Bioenergy is implementing carbon neutral socially and environmentally sustainable biomass briquette fired cook stoves, steam boilers. These are used to replace fossil fuel like LPG and coal. These stoves are cost effective and are carbon neutral. Till June 2010 more than 389 such stoves also 4 boilers based on these stoves designs are in use at various places such as residential school hostels, company canteen, cooked meals manufacturer, religious places  and small restaurants. Combined capacity of installed stoves is equal to 10.5 MW and are able to save 9800 ton of CO2. Projects are appreciated  at national and international level. Nishant Bioenergy has become country’s only company manufacturing biomass briquette cook stoves for commercial use.

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