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Einreicher: Skylink Innovators
Umsetzungsland: Kenya
Titel: Biogas als alternative Energiequelle

In Africa, wood fuel has been used since time immemorial as a source of energy. However, as the population increase and change of weather patterns associated with drought, the need to have an alternative source of energy to save forests in Africa has become paramount.
Unlike any other sources of energy, materials used in the biogas production like cowdungs, human wastes and garbage is readily available. The project has been instrumental in helping young girls attend school, as most of the times they used to be gathering firewood thereby interfering with their education. Most of our biogas installations has been to institutions such as schools, homes, clinics and prisons. In homes, we pair community together to enable them afford to pay for the installation of the biogas; while in schools, we work with school heads to allow us install the plants. This has improved performance of schools especially in the rural areas since they have lighting enabling them to do their studies at night. We also work with cooperatives (farmers) who come together to guarantee each other in biogas installation.
We have also been able to install a biogas plant in Meru Prison, allow the Prison authority to change from use of wood to biogas. The good thing about biogas is that it has benefits in terms of manure production, water purification and reduction of forest as the use of fire wood has been drastically been reduced.

Kategorie: Fire