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Einreicher: Talon Nig. Ltd.
Umsetzungsland: Nigeria
Titel: Talon ein schwimmendes Fisch-Käfig-System

Talon Fish Cage Culture System is the containment or storage facility for raising fish commercially in cages using existing water bodies which keep the fish enclosed but allows free passage of water between fish and the water mass.
The system is highly beneficial in all ramifications. First the issue of electricity does not arise because the system utilizes natural fresh water which is self cleaning. Thus leading to an energy efficient system, which excludes the use of power supply as seen in other aquaculture systems that depend on energy to power, re-circulate and filter the water. Secondly, water is not wasted as seen in other systems of raising fish on land and this leads to water conservation. The system is simple to install and utilize.

Kategorie: Special