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Einreicher: Mahatma Gandhi Institue for rural industrialisation (MGIRI)
Umsetzungsland: India
Titel: SOLAR Charkha (Charkha: Eine dezentrale Spinneinheit)

Gandhian charkha had a great revolutionary history; it was looked as a symbol of Indian Independence struggle and Unity. Gandhiji had given the masses a tool to earn their livelihood and respect by the swadeshi mantra.

As the decade passes Gandhian charkha had developed to New Model Charkha (NMC). These NMC charkhas have some draw backs like - manually driven, nonuniform speeds, yarn quality variations etc. MGIRI had made an effort to eliminate the entire relevant problems in an eco-friendly way.

MGIRI had developed a charkha which is totally driven by solar, eliminates the problem related to yarn quality, increases the productivity and increases the income of people living in BPL.

Field trails took place in six different clusters under different climatic conditions of India gave good results and proved that solarisation of charkha will lead to an environmental friendly development in the livelihood of the people living below BPL. Now it is progressing towards national level implementation.

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