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Einreicher: TEKUTANGIJE Company
Umsetzungsland: Rwanda
Titel: Moderne Kocher TEKUTANGIJE zur Energieeinsparung, Wasseraufbereitung und Umweltschutz

The Rwandan households cope currently has a big challenge of fuels especially with the progressive deterioration of environment (Drills). Besides, these households shelter a number of people that constitutes the quick strength of the nation and that is also his/her/its generation of decision-makers in a near future. 
It is obvious that it is necessary to solve this problem of fuels and to preserve the health of this population. It is in this setting that one has thought of the cook TEKUTANGIJE. 
This stove permits to purify water and to protect environment by economy of energy while using very few fuels. 
This cook TEKUTANGIJE will help to exploit various ways of fuels and sources of energy that are available in Rwanda : wood of heating, ember, peat and other. Still in the protective worry of environment we recommend the use of the peat, source of available energy in big quantities in Rwanda and in most of the countries of the regions because this source of energy comes from the decomposition of natural plants, and saves us the destruction of drills by human. 
This stove will help women, managers of households, to win a lot of times and of energy usually lost in the heating of water for various domestic reasons (drinks, cleaning of child layers, of ustensiles,etc). 
Currently, persons responsible of the public health mention a strong contamination of the population also by illnesses of diarrhoea and  stomach worms as a result of using contaminated water. 
However, It has been demonstrated that with the cook TEKUTANGIJE households manage to cleaning heating water by using the same quantity of energy simultaneously when preparing  the food.

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