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National Energy Globe Award Australia (overall winner)

Einreicher: Biomimetic Technology Ltd
Umsetzungsland: Australia
Titel: Sustainable low carbon non-toxic, biodegradable flme retardant technology

Molecular Heat Eater (“MHE”) - a unique GREEN and CLEAN fire retardant low carbon biodegradable patented technology with focus on industrial manufacturing of a wide range of material applications of polymer, plastics and fibres, natural as well as synthetic. MHE FR Additives are a patented range of fire retardant products and processes which utilises human chemistry compatible food grade components to provide a viable high performance, cost effective alternative to current potentially harmful, environmentally costly fire retardant products. MHE is considered to be capable of replacing many currently utilised fire retardants for example in light weight PU-foams, PVC plasticizers, Polyamide, Latex, Adhesives, cellulose and textile materials.

Kategorie: Earth