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National Energy Globe Award 2018

182 countries participate in the ENERGY GLOBE Award, thus it is the largest and most important environmental prize. As a kick-off to the UN World Environment Day on June 5 Energy Globe has launched its annual global online-campaign to introduce all national Energy Globe winners’ projects. The campaign runs in cooperation with UNEP.

Focus of the campaign is to show how dedicated and committed people save our planet. ENERGY GLOBE is providing these people a global platform to inspire and motivate others to follow their examples.

The award ceremonies take place in cooperation with our partner, Advantage Austria, the official Austrian Foreign Trade Promotion Organization of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

As is shown here, ceremonies took place already in many countries and more will follow.

Congratulations to:
23 May Ukraine
28 June Italy
3 July Croatia
05 July Cape Verde
05 July Portugal
05 July Sao Tome and Principe
11 July Bulgaria
12 July Belgium
19 July The Democratic Republic of the Congo - Water
20 July Malaysia
20 July Thailand
23 July Singapore
25 July Chile
1 August Finland
02 August Poland
06 August Viet Nam
07 August Cambodia
23 August Colombia
23 August Costa Rica
23 August Denmark
23 August Iceland
28 August Zambia
30 August Netherlands
30 August Taiwan
04 September Brazil
04 September Tunisia
11 September Slovenia
11 September United States
13 September Malawi
13 September Somalia
13 September United Kingdom
14 September Guatemala
20 September Belarus
20 September Canada
20 September Macedonia
26 September Egypt
26 September Turkey
27 September Burkina Faso
27 September Cote d'Ivoire
30 September Myanmar
2 October Republic of Korea
11 October Hong Kong
11 October Kosovo
11 October Latvia
11 October Oman
16 October Morocco
18 October Ireland
23 October Malaysia
25 October Algeria
26 October Armenia
26 October Georgia
26 October Republic of Moldova
28 October Qatar
30 October Sri Lanka
1 November Israel
1 November State of Palestine
05 November Germany
08 November Lesotho
08 November Switzerland
12 November India
19 November Bangladesh
20 November Spain
27 November Mongolia
29 November Kenya
29 November Norway
29 November Sweden
2 December Guinea
6 December China
16 December Greece
19 December Japan
23 January Kyrgyzstan

upcoming events:

... more will follow