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Energy Globe 2017
Extended deadline for submission: 6. December 2016!

Preliminary timeline for the evaluation of project applications

Energy Globe 2016

  • December 2015: Deadline of the submission
  • January till March 2016: Evaluation of projects by an independent jury
  • April/May 2016: Contacting of high-ranked projects
  • June-November 2016: Awarding of National ENERGY GLOBE Winners
  • Winter 2016: ENERGY GLOBE World Awards ceremony
Who can participate?

The ENERGY GLOBE Award is presented in the categories Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Youth and Sustainable Plastics and distinguishes particularly sustainable projects. The Award is presented at the regional, national and international level (more information on Award).

EVERYBODY (individuals, companies, multinational corporations, innovators, organisations, NGOs, associations, communities, cities, governments, ...)

What is the deadline for project submissions?

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 6 December 2016

How can I submit my project materials?
Online, by mail or email. (see more)

Which project documentations are required?
The duly completed application form as well as a project description.
(see more)

Do I have to pay participation fee?

Can the same project be submitted again in consecutive years?

If I resubmit, can I resort to the materials submitted already?
Yes. What has to be sent again is the duly filled in application form and updated documentations as to new developments.

Can I submit more than one project?

Can projects participate that are still in the planning phase?
In general only implemented projects can participate unless the project consists of various separate parts, one of which has been implemented.

Can projects participate that were implemented in the past (e.g. 5 years ago)?

Who is the jury?
A group of experts with representatives from the UN, UNIDO, World Bank, EREC (European Renewable Energy Council), research institute Seibersdorf, relevant ministries, etc. The finalists are selected by the international ENERGY GLOBE Jury with representatives from all continents, chaired by Maneka Gandhi.

What can I win?
The World ENERGY GLOBE Award in each category is endowed with 10,000 euro. Winners are also presented a 17 kg bronze statue and a certificate.

How many submissions were there for the ENERGY GLOBE Award 2016?
More than 1500 projects over 170 nations.

When will the nominees for the World ENERGY GLOBE Awards be announced?
The nominees for the ENERGY GLOBE World Awards will be announced on the ENERGY GLOBE website about two weeks before the gala.