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Statements of VIPs

Kofi Annan

(former UN Secretary General)

"The ENERGY GLOBE Awards demonstrate that clean and modern forms of energy to drive sustainable development and reduce environmental impacts are available now. I congratulate all the awardees for their commitment to this cause and for their contributions to the work of the United Nations."

Mikhail Gorbachev

(Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

"I believe that people, but also governments, financial centers and donors will have to make efforts to push for investments into research and the design of projects dealing with the development of sustainable sources of energy." (Interview with Gorbachev)

Maneka Gandhi

(Minister of Woman & Child Development, India)

“You know, the wonderful thing about the future and about what ENERGY GLOBE has taught me, is that there is no solution, there are no two solutions. There are five thousand, there are five hundred thousand solutions. And it’s only when you start looking at the mix and match of the energy production that is the only way we will go towards survival.”  

Benita Ferrero-Waldner

(former EU Commissioner for External Relations and Neighbourhood Policy)

"One third of the world population still lacks sufficient energy and water supply. The access to clean energy and water is crucial for overcoming poverty and for a careful treatment of our planet. Sustainable development thus means for us to fight poverty, to protect our resources and to create worldwide minimum social standards. Because: There is only one world for all of us."

Prof. Edward S. Ayensu

(former Chairman of the Inspection Panel of the World Bank)

"We must look for appropriate alternative energy sources and select relevant technologies to ensure that the livelihood security of millions of people who are not connected to natioanal grids also enjoy sustainable energy supply."

Dr. Paul Rübig

(Member/European Parliament (MEP), Chair of the STOA panel)

"A high degree of energy efficiency is in my opinion the most sweeping, affordable and fastest reaction to the challenges of energy supply the same time it is, however, important, to support innovative energy projects and to provide them with and present them on an international stage."

Prof. Arthouros Zervos

(former President European Renewable Energy Council -EREC)

"Renewables are clean sources of energy, available in abundance around the world and are showing a high growth rate. The use of renewables brings about an improvement of living conditions and social welfare and is a win-win strategy for all involved parties."

Dr. Christoph Leitl

(President Federal Economic Chamber, Austria)

"The ENERGY GLOBE Award offers a worldwide platform to energy - and environmental technology related business, allowing them to present their innovations. Companies participating in this competition are to prove, that the economy is promoting sustainable development."

Jeremy Rifkin

(US-American economist)

"We have to get to renewable energies and get rid of the old energies, coal, gas and uranium – they’re in their sunsets – renewable energies are in the sunrise." 

Robin Gibb

(singer and songwriter)

„It is very important to get young people involved, because they are the society tomorrow. Getting them as early as possible is what counts. That is my mission: to get young people involved.”  

Martin Sheen

(US-American actor)

„My children, my children’s children and their children will inherit what we have given. So as a steward of the Earth, I have to accept the responsibility to do all that I can, for as long as I can, to awaken whoever will listen to what’s coming down, and get people to join the fight for the environment.”