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Project Submission Checklist

Prior to submitting your online application, please make sure that you have all required documents and information details ready.


Informative images

Please provide several highly informative pictures offering a realistic impression of your project.
Send only photos that are free of photo rights.

Brief project summary

Please provide a brief summary (approx. 10 to15 lines) of your project and what your project achieved.

Also, please provide no more than half a page of information concerning the following items:

A. The initial pre-project situation as well as the context of your project or initiative
B. A description of your project goals and your reasons for getting involved
C. The scope of your project and all activities required for project implementation
D. The way in which your project provided innovation
E. Your implementation approach and costs
F. A description of final results and achievements
G. Your project’s replication potential

We strongly encourage you to use the Word document we provided for project submission, where all relevant items are explained in detail. Please note that completeness and quality of your project submission are also part of the evaluation.

Please submit your project online with the link provided. You can copy and paste the information from the template to the online form. Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, we are unable to accept project submissions via email.