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Award Categories

Category Earth

Earth is our home and the only planet we know on which we can live. This planet provides us with everything we need in terms of living, heating, electricity, food and clothing. More and more people are living on this planet and ever more people utilize its natural resources and recreation areas, often excessively and without thinking about the future. Therefore conservational and sustainable treatment of our planet and its resources is the order of the day. Any measures that contribute to this effort can be submitted in this category, including projects on topics such as building materials, buildings, energy plants, and traffic routes.

Category Fire

Fire represents energy, a topic that commands everyone’s attention nowadays. Energy means progress and comfort on the one hand but pollution and climate change on the other. Over millennia humans have utilized various fuels, some of which are available only in limited supply: our oil reserves will be depleted in a few decades, while plants and trees, geothermal energy, hydroelectric power and solar power are renewable sources that do not harm the climate. Projects that involve energy production, the use of renewable fuels, energy distribution and transport, energy utilization, and energy optimization and thereby achieve optimized efficiency and sustainability can be submitted in this category.

Category Water

All life began in water, and without water there can be no life. Millions of people worldwide experience this dilemma daily, while millions of other people thoughtlessly waste or pollute this lifeblood of nature. The battle over distribution of water has long since begun, and war is its consequence. Conservational utilization of this resource on the part of all people accompanied by innovative technologies can make water available to everyone. Any measures that contribute in this direction can be submitted for an ENERGY GLOBE. This includes projects in areas such as drinking water supply, domestic water, irrigation, protection of waterways, shipping, and avoidance and treatment of waste water.

Category Air

Air is an element of life that always surrounds us and without which we could not survive for more than a few minutes. Thanks to the clever concept of nature, clean air is provided by trees and plants. Humans and animals need clean air to breathe, and air serves as the carrier for water that returns to the earth. The element air best symbolizes the unification of the cycles of nature. Any measures that contribute to improving air quality, including the avoidance of CO2 emissions (climate change), can participate in the ENERGY GLOBE. This includes projects involving optimization of combustion processes, reduction of greenhouse gases or emissions, indoor air quality, etc.

Category Youth

Young people of today are the architects of the world of tomorrow. What they learn today, they can apply tomorrow for the benefit of our environment. The knowledge of older generations and the good ideas of young people serve as the best combination toward this end. Any measures that promote sustainable thinking and action on the part of young people and any actions that young people implement for the benefit of our environment can be submitted for an ENERGY GLOBE in the category Youth.

Special category “Energy for All”

Around 30% of the world’s population have little or no access to energy, especially regarding electrical energy. Economic development and education are therefore very difficult for these people and they are living in really hard conditions. New technologies make it possible to offer the poorest people clean energy with the help of the sun. Energy Globe is looking for projects like this so that – with the help of investors – these technologies can be used more in the future.