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Conditions of Participation

  • Projects focusing on the conservation of resources, the improvement of air and water quality, the efficient use of energy, the implementation of renewable energies as well as creating a heightened awareness for issues related to climate change can be entered. No project is too small and none too big. Such projects also include ideas involving ways to heighten awareness (for example in schools) or projects geared towards a better protection of the environment and creating a more sustainable and worthwhile future for generations to come.
  • Participation is free of charge for everyone.
  • Projects can be entered by individuals as well as companies, clubs, organizations, schools, universities, and public authorities. A single project may be jointly entered by several partners (please indicate the name of the primary contact partner).
  • It is also admissible for one contestant to enter several projects.
  • Excluded from participation are political initiatives such as online petitions.
  • Only projects that have already been implemented will be considered for the Energy Globe Award. ‘Implemented’ means that enough progress must have been made for a project to be assessable. Examples:
    • A functioning prototype --or--
    • Partial implementation of a project consisting of several stages. (For example: 10,000 new trees are due for planting in several stages. Such a project can be submitted as early as in the course of the first implementation stage. Or: A school project has been planned for 100 schools and the pilot project was successfully implemented for the first school during the project’s initial year.)
  • Continuous projects and initiatives (such as ongoing garbage collecting and recycling initiatives) that have not yet been completed but are already showing initial results may be entered as well.
  • Projects still at an early planning stage with no implementation results may be entered as well. However, they will not be considered for the Energy Globe Awards; instead they will be evaluated by Energy Globe partners willing to offer project financing or startup consulting.
  • In order to be considered for an award, projects must be submitted together with a complete description as described in the question categories provided on the submission form.
  • The international awards are presented for the categories of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Youth. A detailed description of these categories is provided here. The final decision concerning a project’s category shall remain with Energy Globe. All international award winners will receive cash prize of € 10,000, which is divided among winners in all 6 categories
  • Depending on the project’s implementation location and partners, and depending on the fact if an award is presented on a regional or national level, winning projects may be presented with winner’s certificates or even gift awards or cash prizes. There is no legal claim to any prize.
  • Project assessment is performed in the course of a multi-stage process by independent experts not related to Energy Globe. Energy Globe has no influence on the assessment process and can therefore not provide any information on jury decisions.
  • By entering a project, participants agree that their data may be processed and utilized by Energy Globe and its partner networks.