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Energy Globe World Award winners announced

Representatives of 16 outstanding environmental organizations from 15 countries just met in Yazd, Iran for the Energy Globe Award ceremony, accompanied by a conference “Sustainable Town and Cities”. Five of them became the Energy Globe World Award winners in five different categories, receiving one of the highest prizes in the sustainability area for their work.

“Each year we are humbled and grateful to receive so many applications from all over the world. And despite 19 years of experience and understanding that technology is advancing, we are still so surprised to see how the quality of the applications and solutions to our environmental problems grows,” says Wolfgang Neumann, the founder of the Energy Globe Foundation.

German research consortium C3 and its project Carbon concrete – economical, sustainable, attractive won in the category Earth. Their carbon reinforced concrete offers a great and sustainable alternative in the very traditional construction industry.

Solar Freeze from Kenya won in the category Fire. Their portable solar powered cold storage for smallholder farmers offers a sustainable solution to the huge losses of harvest in the developing countries that farmers endure because of bad storage. Their units increase the durability of food ten 10 times.

Sankalpa Rural Development Society from India has invented a method to recharge bore wells with the previously harvested rainwater, which the international jury awarded as the winning project in the category Water. Their technology is a solution to the sinking groundwater levels and water- and food undersupply due to the non-sustainable cultivation.

GERES from Afghanistan won in the category Air. Its Central Highland Program: Energy Saving Solutions in Rural Afghanistan provides various solutions for isolating homes, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and emissions, as well as deforestation as wood is still a very common source of fuel in this country.

One More Generation from the US with their OneLessStraw campaign convinced the jury and won in the category Youth. Two teenagers Olivia and Carter Ries have been extremely successful at battling the increasing amount of plastic waste in our oceans by offering schools, restaurants, hotels, airlines and venues simple ways to stop using plastic straws.

In addition to the five winners, the REWE International AG and its project Ja, natürlich! Green Packaging received Energy Globe World Award of Honour for their efforts to reduce plastic waste in the retail.

Cities of Espoo and Yazd were honoured in the special category Sustainable cities for unique implementation of sustainability.

Energy Globe, a private Austrian initiative, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The success of this initiative is visible in its database with over 20 000 sustainable projects, all of which offer different solutions to our environmental problems.

Winner & Finalists

  • Download

    Energy Globe World Award Winner 2018
    Ms. Taina Tukiainen, Mr. Markku Markkula, Mr. Hohammad Hassan Amini, Mr. Sikandarsab Meeranaik, Ms. Martina Hörmer, Mr. Stefan Minar, Mr. Mohammad Riaz Ramin

  • Download

    Energy Globe World Award 2018 - Sustainable City Espoo
    Mr. Markku Markkula (Espoo), Ms. Taina Tukiainen (Espoo)

  • Download

    Energy Globe World Award in Yazd

  • Download

    Honorary Award
    Ms. Martina Hörmer (REWE International AG)

  • Download

    All Winners 2018
    Ms. Taina Tukiainen, Mr. Markku Markkula, Mr. Hohammad Hassan Amini, Mr. Sikandarsab Meeranaik, Ms. Martina Hörmer, Mr. Stefan Minar, Mr. Mohammad Riaz Ramin

  • Download

    Winner Category Air - Afganistan
    Mr. Mohammad Riaz Ramin (GERES (Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity))

  • Download

    Winner Category Earth - Germany
    Mr. Stefan Minar (C³-Carbon Concrete Composite e. V.)
    Mr. Mojtaba Farahmand, Mayor of Yazd

  • Download

    Special Price
    Yazd City

  • Download

    Winner Category Water - India
    Mr. Sikandarsab Meeranaik (Sankalpa Rural Development Society)
    Mag. Alexander Rieger (Austrian Embassy in Tehran/Iran)

  • Download

    Winner Category Youth - United States
    Mohammad Emami (Iranian Society for Green Management)
    Mr. Hohammad Hassan Amini (One more Generation)
    Majid Saraidarian (Iranian Society for Green Management)

  • Download

    Sustainable City Espoo & Yazd
    Mr. Markku Markkula (Espoo)
    Yazd City

"...ENERGY GLOBE is a global forum for ecological change with the goal of employing global dialog to create awareness about the good sense of sustainable action.“

Maneka Gandhi
ENERGY GLOBE Jury, Chairperson


To safeguard the future of the planet and the right of future generations everywhere to live healthy and fulfilling lives should be a human right for everyone. ENERGY GLOBE Founder Wolfgang Neumann has made this goal his lifetime mission.

The International ENERGY GLOBE Awards / World Award for Sustainability are means to raise awareness on this issue, to showcase best practice solutions from a variety of countries, to motivate people to contribute their share and to convince governments to provide the necessary framework.

The international ENERGY GLOBE Awards are presented in the categories earth, fire, water, air – representing the ancient greek elements – in addition the category youth was introduced symbolizing our future and the special category Sustainable Plastics.

The international ENERGY GLOBE Award distinguishes the best projects in the five categories earth, fire, water, air and youth. 10,000 Euro will be divided equally among the categories.

The international ENERGY GLOBE Awards / World Award are presented annually in the realm of a festive ceremony. The 3 nominees in each category are invited and the winners are announced at the ceremony. Since 1999 such ceremonies took place in countries like Japan, Canada, the Czech Republic, Rwanda, etc. In 2007 and 2008 the European Parliament in Brussels for the first time in its history was the stage for an international ENERGY GLOBE Awards Ceremony.

Prominent Award presenters include Kofi Annan, Michail Gorbachev, Maneka Gandhi (Former Indian Environment Minister), Ahok Khosla (President Club of Rome) the Presidents of the EU Commission and EU Parliament, UNEP DG Achim Steiner, former World Bank Inspection Panel Chief Prof. Edward S. Ayensu. Actors like Martin Sheen, Aamir Khan, Peter Falk (Columbo), etc. presented awards and famous singers like Robin Gibb, Dionne Warwick, Alanis Morissette, etc. were guests at the ceremonies.

Thus the message of ENERGY GLOBE went around the world: 6,000 projects were submitted since 1999 ranging from high-tech to simple but highly efficient sustainable solutions.